Sunco Capital

Sunco Capital carries out all of Sunco’s investment and financing activities.


Sunco Capital invests equity, manages funds, arranges private placements, and secures financing for the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.



Obtaining permissions and licenses for the construction and operation of renewable energy projects


Analysis and mitigation of social and environmental impact


Agreements with local communities

Design, Engineering & Construction
Design, Engineering & Construction


Radiation and wind resource studies


Topographical, geotechnical and seismic studies


Optimized layout design


Interconnection studies (statics and dynamics)


Agreements with main suppliers

Energy Commercialization
Energy Commercialization


Defining commercial strategy


Securing of PPA’s with public and private entities


Structuring bidding in public and private tenders


Understanding sale risks in the spot market


Platform for Energy commercialization: combining sources of generation

Financial Structuring
Financial Structuring


Alignment of commercial risks to guarantee bankability of the project in competitiveness terms


Financial terms that ensure certainty on long-term financing costs


Secure of financial agreements with private and multilateral banks


Emission of Public and Private Financial Bonds


Financing of “Green certificates”