Increasing generation capacity and reducing the cost of electricity around the world

Energy Demand

The industrialization and growth in middle class that has occurred globally is contributing to an increased demand for electricity. The power generation capacity of these same countries is not meeting the growth in demand, making grids unreliable and causing continuous power outages. Solar PV is an efficient and quick solution to bridge the gap between demand and supply.


Energy Costs

Utility scale PV Projects, arranged through long term PPA or Feed-In-Tariff regulations, allow utilities to lock in their power generation costs over their power generation costs at a competitive rate over the course of the contract term.


Climate Change & Sustainability

The effect of CO2 emissions on the ozone layer and the heating of the planet is no longer open to debate.
Governments are consciously initiating policy shifts toward cleaner sources of power, and solar PV power capacity is poised to continue growing over the next five years at prolific rates.


Sunco runs an end-to-end project development operation and offers EPC and O&M services for ready-to-build solar PV projects


Securing of land
Full permitting & licensing

Solar Resource Analysis

Interconnection & Transmission studies

Environmental studies

Energy Offtake Agreement

Legal, Tax & Financial
Legal, Tax & Financial


Economic & Feasibility Analysis
Securing of construction & Long term financing
Optimization of Capital costs through each stage of Development & Operation


EPC and O&M
EPC and O&M


Plant design & Engineering services

Electrical, Mechanical & Civil works design

Project Management

Logistics & Procurement