Reducing dependency on diesel, increasing grid reliability and locking in future energy costs, providing energy savings and security for the private sector

Impact of energy and maintenance costs

Even in a global context of low fuel costs, energy has a significant impact on most companies’ P&L throughout their global operations. Factors such as diesel price, internal transport, maintenance of generators, and theft are all issues that affect these operations.


Uncertainty of future energy costs

Energy price variability plays an important role in companies’ budgeting and strategic planning. Fluctuations in energy costs can deeply affect forecasted OPEX, in many cases forcing companies to reevaluate their initial strategies.


CAPEX requirement for investing in energy efficiency

The capital costs of energy efficiency projects usually dissuades companies from entering into these types of investments.


Sunco analyzes each client’s energy need and provides power solutions on a customized basis

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Site Survey & Monitoring
    • Irradiation Simulation Analyses
    • Design & Engineering

Financial Structuring
Financial Structuring

  • Financial Structuring
  • PPA / ESCO Design
  • Investment Analysis

Construction & Operation
Construction & Operation

  • Project Management
    Turnkey EPC
    Logistics & Procurement
    Operation & Maintenance
    Remote Monitoring