Working to improve quality of life and economic opportunity by providing access to electricity for communities in developing countries


1.6 billion people around the world have no access to electricity


Sunco’s Solar Home System can supply energy in areas where there is no input to the electrical grid, or those who are unstable.

Sunco also develops grid-connected solutions including Solar Farms and Rooftops.

Other solutions in this area include Solar UPS systems, Solar Gensets, Street Lights, and Billboards.



Almost 1 billion people globally do not have access to clean drinking water


Sunco develops Solar Irrigation Systems that boost sustainable agricultural development.
These systems increase the number of crops farmers can produce per year, reducing their dependence on weather conditions, and increasing their yearly revenues.
Sunco’s Solar Water Purifiers and Desalination Systems provide 100% clean drinking water at a very low cost, being powered exclusively by solar energy.


Sunco has completed high-impact energy and water access projects throughout its key geographies
Honduras Honduras

Since 2013, Sunco has installed more than 1.000 solar home systems in Honduras.
These projects have been carried out in collaboration with multilateral organizations like BCIE, government agencies like AECID or through private initiatives.
Sunco has provided electricity with solar power for households, schools and religious buildings.
Sunco has designed, manufactured and installed the systems. After each project’s commissioning, comprehensive O&M has been provided as well.

Rwanda Rwanda

In December 2014, Sunco completed the installation of a European Union funded program for the Rwanda National Electrification  Plan. With this program Sunco provided power for 150 schools in rural areas of Rwanda.
By generating electricity for classrooms, more than 150.000 students have been able to improve their studying conditions through better lighting conditions or charging of low power appliances such as mobile phones or laptops.
Sunco is also providing comprehensive post-completion O&M services for the installations.

Nepal Nepal

Sunco installed 5 solar irrigation systems in different communities of Nepal, in collaboration with Renewable World.

The water is pumped from rivers and other sources into the communities’ fountains and agriculture fields.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has used this project as a case study for a documentary about rural development in Nepal.